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Leading the charge is the new way to do business. Our team of highly sought after experts can bring success to solving complex problems.

Guiding you through the life cycle

The Lockerbie End-to-End Formula For Your Organization’s Success

Project Assessment

Our team of experts help evaluate the feasibility of your current strategy or product. They identify high-level risks and constraints, to ensure that you are performing at your optimal level.

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Strategic Planning

We look at planning as a strategic art form, one that combines creativity and problem-solving, while forecasting for risk. Plain and simple, we implement sustainable plans that work for your organization.

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Our biggest key differentiator is that we stay with you throughout the entirety of the planning stage to the implementation stage. We constantly re-evaluate the plan with you to ensure success.

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Sustainable Results

Key growth and its continued applied adaptations are paramount to ensuring that performance is sustainable and practical. With our effective problem-solving processes we can achieve results.

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Procurement with Purpose

Our expertise can develop and better define your legacy purchasing practices, tools, and organizational structure to achieve your future objectives.

• Imagine increasing your profitability
• Setting achievable cost saving targets
• Reducing exposure to risks across the global supply chain
• Improving visibility to quality control in all sourcing processes
• Restructuring procurement staff for maximum strategic value

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Program and Project Management

Your organization’s governance models should include a game-plan for PMOs and project teams that can better define an implementation roll-out strategy, project scope, and plans. Let LOCKERBIE prepare you for change by aligning key stakeholders, implementing foundational business processes, and ensuring the program/project has sustainable implementation.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Shaping and improving your business’s structure through a strategic action plan will allow you to achieve your short and long-term goals. LOCKERBIE’s strategy helps C-level executives identify new business opportunities, review or redefine existing and new business models, revise go-to-market strategies and value propositions, and understand how technologies impact their businesses. With our creative solutions, we will help you achieve your vision, optimize performance and productivity.

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Change Management

People are your strongest assets. Lockerbie’s team delivers the momentum that will help you accelerate your positioning to ensure that your organization is leading an inclusive and diverse workforce. We understand how to build the right combination of skill and team that will deliver your business and plan results.

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